Hans Pagel
designer, developer, product manager, loves digital products

Hi, my name is Hans Pagel
and I put together a few fun facts about myself.

I just do things. No overthinking.

As a child I learned Turbo Pascal. My first program was a snail race where you could bet on one of the snails. The snails looked like this: @/

In 2016 I co-founded the digital product agency überdosis. I'm one of eight co-founders, so there are at least seven others claiming the same.

My first website has been about The Simpsons™ and was hosted on GeoCities.

In 2018 Google chose me for the Google News Initiative Fellowship at DER STANDARD in Vienna, Austria.

I studied design.

From time to time I enable design students to learn coding. It's not that hard to start with, try typing something like background: pink; between the curly brackets. Or even better transform: rotate(5deg);

It's nearly impossible to meet me without Philipp Kühn. We make the same bad jokes and love working together.

I launched the mildly successful project management platform Scrumpy (together with Philipp).

I think business should be nice and grow slowly, instead of trying to maximize the profit, but that's just me. At least I'm trying to live by these values with the companies I'm part of.

Keep it simple. This website is nothing more than a text file.